In the Comfort of Your Home

Independence Assistance Inc provides care to seniors, families, children and individuals who require assistance to maintain their highest level of independence. We provide non-medical care in the comfort of our client's home. Having a stranger come into one's home to offer care can be precarious. We understand how difficult it can be, when deciding that you or a loved one requires assistance.

No one wants to feel they are a burden

From a young age, we are groomed to be independent and self-reliant. However, life has a way of creating challenges we may not always anticipate. The assistance our clients need is often very personal and difficult for them to adjust to, at first. After years of living active fulfilling lives helping others, being pillars in their careers, churches and social networks, the realization that they are not as independent, as they once were can be devastating. From our client's perspective, this new relationship is unique because our caregivers may assist our clients with personal care needs. Our clients do not want to feel like they are a burden.

Respect Our Client's Dignity

At Independence Assistance, we understand that the relationship between the client and the caregivers must be built on trust. To satisfy the need of a client, requires more than just completing a task. Care is not just about helping a client with their personal needs. It's about understanding the need to respect the client's privacy and dignity. Our caregivers have an open heart. Sometimes, it's just a small word of encouragement, while they attempt a task. Because our caregivers understand these needs, they can perceive when that little bit of encouragement is needed or when a client needs their own space. Having a cheerful demeanor, when all is not going well, may be the inspiration that makes our client's day a little brighter.

We train our caregivers to be understanding of the difficult challenges our clients face, to provide assistance, while respecting our client's dignity, and to have a cheerful heart, when providing care. The success of an assignment is in building a relationship of trust.

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