Having the Respect and Well-Being of Our Seniors First

Independence Assistance Inc helps seniors maintain their independence. We employ only the most qualified caregivers who are highly trained in recognizing the ever-changing needs of our seniors.

Helping Seniors Maintain Their Independence

As the population ages, more seniors want to continue living in their own homes, for as long as possible. Some seniors need a little help around the house, while others need to be accompanied to appointments and errands. Seniors desire companionship and assistance with hobbies. Continuing to maintain their quality of life, in their own home, helps to eliminate the traumatic transition of losing their sense of independence.

Independence Assistance helps seniors with the support they need to continue living in their own home. Seniors do not have to lose their independence or feel isolated because it becomes more difficult to maintain friendships and interest.

Putting the respect and well-being of our seniors first is what makes Independence Assistance a success. Helping our seniors maintain their independence with minimal assistance is what we do best.

Highly Qualified Caregivers

We pride ourselves on employing the most qualified caregivers. Our caregivers are highly trained in recognizing the ever-changing needs of seniors.

At Independence Assistance, we firmly believe that family time should be worry-free. Seniors and their families benefit from our services because they spend "quality time" together. They no longer spend time worrying, if the needs of their loved one are being met. The time they share together is enjoyable, more meaningful and in the comfort of their own home.

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